3.3 Testing online job application platforms for accessibility

Evaluating the accessibility and usability of online job application platforms can help determine the level of difficulty that some persons with disabilities face when attempting to search and apply for jobs, in addition to identifying which specific components of the application (such as finding an open position, creating an account or entering details of previous education or references) cause the greatest problems. It is important to remember that persons with and without disabilities often face the same usability problems.

The report of the project entitled “Accessibility of online job application and recruitment systems” included an extensive and detailed list of recommendations for resolving both the accessibility issues highlighted by the accessibility assessment and the usability issues identified during user testing. To view the complete list of recommendations, see Annex 3.

Recommended web accessibility remediation strategies:

1From a broad perspective (determining which digital systems and content to engage with): Teams within United Nations entities must understand the scope of the impact that digital assets and online applications have on persons with disabilities. For the purposes of this guide, focus should be placed on online job application platforms and career sites. In this respect, it is important to ask whether the platform or site is required for the completion of candidate registration or job vacancy applications, whether there are any alternative accessible services, systems or processes and whether there is any way of providing accommodations without adversely affecting the experience, opportunity or dignity of jobseekers or candidates with disabilities.
2At a more focused level: Determine which portions or aspects within the digital assets to engage with.
3At a detailed level: Identify individual accessibility bugs, their severity and the fixes required to increase the accessibility of digital assets.